Sol#30 Exited 🎉 ❤️

I am so exited because tomorrow is the last game in till we end the tirnement. I am also exited because only two teams can go to the finals and I am wondering if it might be my team. If we win tomorrow’s game we might go to the finals.

Have you ever been exited of something that you really wanted to happen?

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Sol#29 blog with family

Today is March 29 are teachers said that are parents can come and comment on are blogs I am happy because my dad came to comment on are blogs and my dad saw my blog and he thought it was funny because my aunt was screaming 😱 my aunt was screaming because they went in a slide that was scary it was a day that we can relax and have fun with the family.

short blog………………

comment if your parents came to blog with you if not it is ok 👌 ?

Sol#28 My name

How I got my name

My mom was pregnant of me and she was in her friends house and they were going to see the tv and there was like a blanket on top of it and my mom said this is a beautiful name and my mom said to her friend were did you get it from and my moms friend said from a store (I don’t know what store because my mom forgot what was it called) and my mom said that is what I am going to call my baby girl.

Do you like you’re name?

(I do)

Sol#27 Top 10 favorite things about school ❤️

Top 10 favorite things about school ❤️

1.My two favorite teachers are the best because they can help me learn new things.

2. Math because it can help me when I am at a store or a restaurant.

3. Reading because it can help me read new things.

4. Writing because it can help me write on paper or technology.

5. Books because we can learn steps on doing a cake.

6. Art/gym because we can have fun doing new stuff.

7. School because I can learn stuff.

8. Classroom because the we can have space in the room.

9. Recess/Lunch because we can eat and have fun.

10. Lockers because we can put or stuff in there

Sol#24 soccer game

Today I was getting ready to go to my soccer game. 30 minutes later I was done getting ready while we were in the car my dad said just keep shooting In till it makes a goal when we started the game they first shot us a goal and at the last minute my friend from the team shot the goal and we tied and i was so exited because the team that always beats us and this time we tied them.

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Sol#23 Going to the park with my dog/puppy

Today my dad said let’s go walk cherry (dog/puppy) when we were walking her my dad said instead of just walking let’s go to the park to. When we got to the park my dad said let’s take off her leash. I was scared and when my dad let her go and she was just standing there and I started to run so I can see if she runs away and I did it and she was just following me and I was so impressed. My dad said let’s leave when we got home I told my mom and she was like I don’t believe you so in the afternoon we went again to the and we let her go and my moms was impressed to then we went home.

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